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About Us

For Dancers: The Contemporary dance is a platform for dancers to improve their style and dance techniques in flow, agility, stamina and beauty of fluidity.   For Non Dancers: It is also a platform for non-dancer to improve body awareness, healthy lifestyles and well being.  This is my contemporary dance training experience to share with everyone. 

Our classes will work with swings, spiral, fluid flowing, floor work, release-based and lyrical dance techniques to explore physical expression for adults and develop strength through studying aesthetics in movement; and encourage musicality at an appropriate pace and level.  Our international dance teachers have extensive professional experience to share with you. 

In Contact Improvisation physical contact creates possibilities for wonderful improvisational dancing.  The touch is an opportunity for understanding and for support.  This gives the dance its enormous potential for subtlety and for 3-dimensional.  in good timing and interaction, also with gravity and momentum, we can carry each other with ease.

Contact improvisation is a beautiful way of relating, which asks and builds our intelligent response to the forces and energies at play.  Regular practice will attune the awareness of the body by solo exercises and partner-work.  it can foster a sense of connection to yourself and your surrounding, as one and another meet in the dance. 

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