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Contemporary Dance for Adults

Contact Improvisation dance classes:  


Saturday, 15:30-17:00 at Nuffield Health Colliers Wood

Keep healthy, join our fun and carefully planned and designed special workshop for you.  The class will work with swings, spiral, fluid flowing and lyrical dance techniques to explore physical expression for adults and develop strength through studying aesthetics in movement; and encourage musicality at an appropriate pace and level. Our International dance teachers have extensive professional experience.

Contact Improvisation classes will explore the vast world of Dance Improvisation.  We will see how to create an instant composition and how to expand our awareness of space, time, our body movement and partners on stage.  In these lessons we will learn to express ourselves through movement, to break our patterns, to find our body language and expand beyond it.


For All level 

Saturday, 15:30-17:00 (not bank holidays) 

Drop-in £7 per class or £50 for a 10-class card (valid a year) 

Call Nancy for more details on 07704504567 

Somatic Movement - Yoga - - for more details please go to Programme - Yoga session

Yoga has been shown to improve overall health when practised regularly.  As with many forms of exercise, it could be modified for people of varying abilities.  Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support. It is beneficial for people with limited mobility and for those who want to practice yoga at their workplace. The benefits of practising these yoga poses (called asanas) include: 

•    Improved flexibility. Flexibility allows us to do the activities we need and love to do, from twisting while driving to bending over to play with children.

•    Better concentration. Incorporating breath work with the poses can help clear your brain of unwanted thoughts, improve mood and decrease stress.

•    Increased strength. Body strength enables us to withstand falls and injury and helps us with balance.

•    Reduced joint strain. Chair yoga reduces the pressure on joints and muscles, which allows someone unable to stand for traditional yoga an opportunity to practice too.

•    Portability and convenience. You can do yoga nearly anywhere you can find a place to sit.

Please feel free to contact me, take a look at the enclosed programme for more details and let me know your thoughts when you get time.

Contemporary Dance for Children & Young adults
The course will encourage and inspire every child who joins us.  Our children will learn how to dance with physical expression and expand a wide range of life skills becoming more sociable and imaginative and increased self-team.  They will be learn to judge situations with flexibility and creativity.  We will give them the opportunities to be themselves - cheerful and lively.
Please call Nancy for more details


Tel     : 0770 450 4567   

Email :nancy@keeper-arts.com

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